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Terms of Use

These General Conditions settle the relationship between the Seller and the Customer (Client) who use online shop: for the purchase of goods. By clicking on an object, picture, link or button on our website: you accept and agree with the Terms and Conditions written below.

These Terms and Conditions are in compliance with the Law on Consumer Protection and other regulations in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.

1. Definitions

“SELLER” is a merchant that sells its products through the online shop: Is the person with whom the customer signs a contract for distance selling of a particular product (item) from the online shop.

“CUSTOMER” is a person who has agreed to these Terms and Conditions relating to the ordering and purchasing of services offered through the online shop.

“ONLINE SHOP” is the website:, which serves as a virtual platform for the supply of goods for sale and agreement between the Seller and the Customer for the sale of a particular product (item).

“ORDER” is a request made by the Customer for the purchase of one or more particular product (item) through the online shop. Order gets the status “approved” when confirmed by the Customer.

“CONTRACT OF SALE” is a concluded at a distance through this online shop contract of sale of goods between the Seller and the Customer.

“COURIER” is a trader who physically delivers purchased goods to the address specified by the Customer and works with the requirements of the Postal Services Act.

2. Terms of use of online shop

The preview of the online shop: is completely free and accessible from all parts of the world.

To make the purchases through the online shop:, you need to create an account by registering with a password and e-mail. Registration is completely free and is possible by filling the registration form. Only a registered Customer has the opportunity to benefit from all the services of the store.

For a successful registration the Customer has to provide an e-mail and password, personal data and delivery addresses.

Each item has a price, main characteristics and other information aimed to make an informed choice when purchasing a product.

All prices are in Euro and include VAT.

On the right side there is the “Add to Cart” button. By pressing it you save the selected product in a virtual “Shopping basket”. The contents of the basket are reserved for 15 minutes, until the Customer decides to pass to the final stage and buy the goods. The Customer is able to view the contents of his shopping basket and add new products or remove those which are no longer desired.

3. Order of goods

To place an order through the online shop the Customer must specify:

  • a valid e-mail address;
  • a valid address for delivery of goods and the invoice;
  • correctly completed contact details, full names and telephone;

The order becomes activated immediately after the “Confirm” button has been pressed. This particular button appears after the first selected product is chosen and the “Buy” option was selected.

After making the order, the Customer receives an order confirmation to the given email address as stated in the confirmation order number, date and time at which the order was made. That still does not require the Seller to send the goods to the address of delivery.

If the goods ordered (specific type or model) are not available, the consultant representing the Seller will inform the Customer. If the Customer does not agree to the contract, to refer to other goods (similar type and model), the contract may be canceled.

Online shop: is available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Telephone consultations may be carried out during the working hours 10:00 to 19:00 pm.

All orders are processed at the next working day.

Orders made with incorrect, uncompleted or missing details of the Customer will be canceled. Such orders receive the status “Rejected”.

The Customer has the right to cancel a contract without having to mention the reasons for the refusal.

Cancellations are possible to be made by phone (+359 884 176 822) or e-mail ( A cancellation is only considered as valid after the Customer provides: full names and username registered on the website, the total amount of the purchase and the number of the order.

4. Conditions for copying of information

All information published on this website is property of “INTERDANCE” Ltd., including photos and descriptions of the items.
The use of photos, and text provided on the website for the purpose of other online stores is only allowed by referring it to “INTERDANCE” Ltd. by adding the following text: “Source: online shop for ballet clothing and ballet shoes INTERDANCE. Ltd.”

5. Responsibility

The Seller is responsible if the goods are defected and liable to fulfill the contract for distance selling, as well as the refund. It is required to provide with the product the information on paper in order to help the Customer to use his/her rights.
“INTERDANCE” Ltd., disclaims any liability to third parties if such a person considers that the publication of the e-shop information which infringes the copyright or other intellectual property rights.

6. Brochure and information

When a user is registered in the e-shop, creating a profile on the website, accept the terms, he agrees to receive e-mail brochures and/or notifications of “INTERDANCE” Ltd. and reports procurement of goods and endorsements for change of their data.
The user can opt out of receiving brochures and/or updates to your email at any time by sending an email with “Cancel brochure”
“INTERDANCE” Ltd. reserves the right to choose whom to send brochures and/or notifications and to remove from its database user who has given his consent to receive brochures and / or notifications.
“INTERDANCE” Ltd. includes brochures and/or known only advertising information relating to the goods sold in the shop.

7. Feedback

Every user can perform feedback “INTERDANCE” Ltd. to ask questions, make suggestions and receive information.
“INTERDANCE” Ltd. is the administrator of the website and accordingly the field for comments and discussions in the implementation of this function can remove all obscene and insulting, violating morals and good manners.

8. Other

Access to the resources of the site and online shop for incorrect users will be blocked. Accounts of users who violate the terms of use of the site and online shop, as well as accounts of users who use them not in right purpose will be deleted. Existing legislation in Republic of Bulgaria apply the provisions for all outstanding questions in these General Terms and Conditions. Any disputes concerning the interpretation and enforcement of these terms and the interpretation and execution of contracts for the sale of the distance of ordered goods from the online shop will be resolved by agreement, in the event of failure to reach to the agreement, and if such jurisdiction is not specified imperatively, the dispute will be referral authorization by the competent court in Sofia, under the rules of tribal jurisdiction under the CPC, namely – Sofia District Court and the Sofia City Court.

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